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Football Fever-Soccer League


Real FOOTBALL GAME for REAL LOVERS, you can say this game is SOCCER FEVER .The newest edition of Soccer Championship Season 2016 has returned back for the lover of Football / Soccer with new season and with amazing soccer 3D visuals and immersive sound. Whether you like soccer football games or youre simply a fan of the sport, this free game is for you {Total 100% free game!}. We are now bringing football game on the mobile so that you can play anytime everywhere! Please join our community with a lot of fans and share your views / content accordingly. Experience the ultimate football Soccer game on your smartphone thanks to all major developments. Top 10 Sports Game in over 50 Countries including UK, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany & France!.It’s the last second of the game and your opponent has the ball… but he’s lost it! What a chance to score the winner… you take aim, shoot… GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!If you Love the football / Soccer then Share it with your joined the community. It does the thrills with you wherever you are with the most authentic soccer game on Google Play Store.
You want to play and control a game that you watched on TV? Now you can do it, thanks to our team and Technology! By pressing of single button now you can play again any match-up from the in-game, news, feed and play!
Game Control:"Pass button" for pass and tackle, "Shoot button" for shoot the football. "Direction / Handle Key" to control the movement of the player.
Game contains 2 different modes - PLAY IN QUICK SIMULATION MODE and PLAY IN WORLD CUP SIMULATION MOD {English Premier League}.
Online and offline multiplayer game - Simple and fun game play - Amazing ball physics - Online tournaments against players from all over the world - Play against your friends - Collect different teams and cups. Top football teams can be chosen from so that you can play with your favorite team by selecting from the list.FOOTBALL / SOCCER ARE THE BIGGEST AND THE MOST ENJOYABLE FOOTBALL COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD.
The superior Graphics are smoother and more realistic for both players and stadiums and sound effect for football player, football field, stadiums will make the Soccer match come to life on your screen during games. It is just like to watching the real sports!
Over 500 motion-capture-based animations that adjust to the player’s skills and positions on the field. Hopefully you will get a good football experience with this game. A lot of real player’s names, about 100 teams and 10 league championships / Cup to play including England, Spain, France, Germany and South America. Online updates of the database will keep your football game up to date with the most recent activities like player transfers and lineup changes etc.